Concrete clover side Table

Contrast between the stiffness of the concrete and the softness of the curve.

The table is molded in one block, with a perfect drape.
Floral and smooth form.

Feminine, fresh white encrusted with a farandole of wild rubies.
Masculine, the anthracite of a pebble weathered by the winds.


Concrete made by Antoine Courtiol.

The table can be made in several different colors, and in several finishes.


Table created for the exhibition "Béton désarmé, from May 9th to 14, 2017

  • Délais de traitement de commande: 28 jours.
  • Epaisseur du plateau: 20mm.
  • Epaisseur du socle: 28cm.
  • Height: 60cm.
  • Mode de transport: Gratuit.
  • Réellement payé: Gratuit.
  • Type: Circonférence : 70cm.
  • Type de tarification: Gratuit.
  • Weight: 65kg.
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