L63 Table

The L63 table is a high table made of birch plywood. The legs and the different sections of the tray are held by a system of threaded rods.

This system enables the table to be entirely dismantled.

The 63mm plywood sections make it an imposing and resistant piece.

It exists in three different sizes: a desk, a kitchen table and a dining room table.


  • Caractéristique: Livré démonté, montage facile.
  • Couleur: Multiplis de bouleau.
  • Délais de traitement de commande: 28 jours.
  • Epaisseur du plateau: 63mm.
  • Height: 74cm.
  • Longueur: 200cm.
  • Mode de transport: Transport de meuble.
  • Réellement payé: Gratuit.
  • Type de tarification: Gratuit.
  • Width: 76cm.
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1 550 € tax incl.

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