Sunset Mirror

The Sunset mirror creates a tension between the radiant disc, holding the mirror and the horizontality of the structure. A particular attention was brought to the materials.


The brass shelf acts as a luminous halo around the mirror. Its shining polished edge contrasts with the dull treatment of the frame.


Assembled on dissimulated rails the mirror can slide until it looks like being in complete levitation.

The whole of it, even if it is robust, gives a sensation of weightlessness, and the brass gives a solar dimension to the object. French made.


  • Couleur: Chêne massif.
  • Délais de traitement de commande: 28 jours.
  • Depth: 18,9 cm.
  • Height: 70 cm.
  • Information montage: Miroir Ø 64cm - Laiton Ø 70cm.
  • Longueur: 120 cm.
  • Matières: Laiton.
  • Mode de transport: Transport de meuble.
  • Réellement payé: Gratuit.
  • Type de tarification: Gratuit.
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2 160 € tax incl.

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